Services Overview

Electrical Engineering

Our engineering contains:

conception, calculation and planning of electric high voltage medium voltage and weak current systems, as well as the powersupply, the lightning, and the automation of buildings.

We have experiences in various applications of safety technology:

  • burglary alarm installations

  • fire alarm installations

  • rescue path installations

  • accident reporting installations

  • access check installations

  • video inspection installations

For you, we develop a energy conception which prefers regenerative energies and uses

active and passive solar technology, heat pumps, heat returners.

Our way to economic efficiency leads over analysis of installations and processes:

  • cost/use analyses of existing and/or to be planned systems for distribution and supply of energy

  • operational energy optimization and administration

For new conceptions of decentral energy supplies Global Engineering uses future proof procedures:

  • solar power

  • wind power

  • wind force

  • current heat coupling with burn machines

Our electrical planning contents the interpretation of the electric circuits, distributors and switchgears of house installations  up to power supplies with powerswitches for 4000 A. According to the valid regulations, the following demands for the installation planing will be fullfilled:

Electrical security 
electrical load, safety of reaction of the protection device, even in generator operation.

Reliability, selectivity 
thermal and dynamic resistance in case of short circuit,
Selectivity: in failure case only the next relay will react

Avoidance of oversizing

Our planing services cover:

  • ascertain the basics

  • approval planning

  • execution planning

  • preparing the allocation

  • taking part by the allocation

  • object monitoring / care (constructional supervision / controlling)

  • energy economic assessment of heating installations


Beside the list of perfomance you will get:

  • plan view 1:50

  • central view 1:20

  • cuts and details of all evident situations

  • Room equipment catalog of the technical configuration and space conditioning

  • information lists for instrumentation

  • rope scheme of all trades

  • schedule plan

  • outline pattern with the according function descriptions

  • list of performance and sketches additional on data carrier

  • drawings of the house technologies (optional)

  • electric calculations depending on VDE

  • low-voltage wiring loom calculation up to 400 V

  • medium voltage wiring loom calculation up to 30 kV

  • load river calculation

  • cure conclusion stream

  • installation- and distribution plans

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