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Global Engineering is a society with a variety of special topics shared out between 20 best motivated staff members who work out economic and future proof solutions by employment of innovative technologies.The company is headed by 2 partners. Everyone is leading one or more special fields for which he is responsible. Two of them are general business managers. With high quality work, creative engineering know-how and including the situation of our clients we are endeavoured to deal the accepted assignments to the best contentedness of our customers. As independend special planers we are able to create quality and economy for our clients, considering the many years of experience of our colloborators. Our engineering achievements are clearly defined. The structure of our enterprise allows us to offer a powerfull, complete, qualified and interdisciplinary standard of effiency. Our net of sites and bases gives us the chance, to get busy for our customers nearly everywhere and to guarantee a area-wide projet expiry. A lot of our staff members speak several languages which is the requirement to realise your projects abroad.

At the moment we offer the following special fields:

  • electro engineering

  • technical buildings equipment

  • industry-automation

We offer you our experience in:

  • analysis

  • expert opinions

  • conception

  • construction

  • programming

  • planning

  • call for bids

  • building management

  • billing

  • projekt steering controlling

  • commissioning

  • revision

We use the possibilities of ISDN and of e-mail data transfer to communicate with our planing partners. Plans and drawings are created with CAD. The use of modern data technologies enables us to make favourable offers and perfect completion of the plans. Our PC workstations operate with the operating system Windows 2000. Drawings for the electricity installation, energy engineering, building automation, illuminating engineering and safety engineering are created with the CAD programs AutoCad and ElcoCAD, short-circuit and load river calculations execute we with ElcoPOWER, mass calculations with the AVA programs Sidoun WinAVA 3,20 and Quantisoft. The application of most modern EDP enables economical supplies with perfect handling of the projects. We execute advertisements, assignment and accounts in your job. Usually our first step is a conversation to determine and outline the customers demands: Starting out from this target we draw up a technical and a economic briefing. It's always our aim to use all available possibilities and chances for our clients in a optimal way. Get convinced of our offer by a not binding special discussion.
Competent counsel and solid customers service are a matter of course with us. We look forward to hearing from you, soon.

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