Technical Building Equipment


We see us as partner of builders, architects and project leaders, to find economic and high qualitiy solutions
for your bulding intentions.

Supplying of the technical equipment according to international guidelines and rules.

your advantage, our membership in the German engineer associations

We supply :

  • HVACS (heating, ventilation, air-condition, sanitary and cooling for for kitchen technology) services

  • High voltage power and security systems services

  • Passive telecommunication- and IT-cabling services

  • Security integrator

  • Kitchen technology

Advantages of neutral special planning:

complete technical concepts of all plants:

  • saving costs by using a competitive announcement

  • minimising building costs through manufacturer independend planning

  • attractive prices and high-quality technology, full cost control:

  • estimating costs

  • calculating costs

  • ascertaining costs

  • finding costs according to DIN (German Industrial standart)

  • Quality achieved by planning and building supervision

New building

The independend planning of the house technology is the basis for minimising the costs at constructing and use. For new buildings we design a energy conception, considering saving energy, using regenerative energies, active and passive solar technics, heat pumps, heat recycling etc..The economic aspects will be taken into account as well as far-sighted bilances, from the construction of the building to its dispose. Costs estimates and regular costs control of the techical equipment are obvious for us.

Besides the list of obligations you will get:

  • Plan views 1:50

  • Central drawing 1:20

  • Cuts and details of all important situations

  • Information lists of the building automation

  • Run off map

  • A overview scheme with the according description of functions

  • Lists of achievements and drawings additioned on digital data store

  • 3-D drawings of the house technology (optional)

Conversion and Modernising

Often the technical progress requires new concepts for the technical building equipment.
The development progresses, accelerated by micro processors.
Technical installations built 10 years ago can lead to very high operating costs, in comparison with modern technology. 
Out-of-date technologies can become real ressource killers. Often there are suitable possibilities for technical and conceptional improvements, which allow more economic use. Diverse technical innovations make it possible to retool or build up existing installations with just a little effort, to achieve energetic and economic advantages. Large dimensioned components of the installations, (heating vessels, pumps, regulating valves, lighting systems) lead to high running and service costs. The power consumption of antiquated ventilators is excessive high in comparison with modern free running ventilators. Fixed outside air rates at the air-conditioning lead to high costs of heating and cooling.Analogue ruling technology often does not admit complex strategies. Optimizing the installations is almost (or sometimes definitely) impossible. Modern drive technology allows speed rating regulation and economic investment. The use of modern building management increases the wellness of the occupants /users and at the same time minimises the working expenses by controlling thepower peaks.


If you are operator of an existing installation of which the bulding technology has grown by time, we bring the
drawings (plan views, built ins, ...) up to date by using CAD. Frequently discrepances in the hydraulic and illogicalities in the regulating can be remarked and afterwards cleared, when a complete scheme can be viewed. In case of complex structures, we catalogue your building technology with a installation indicating system, which makes servicing and obtaining and storing of spare parts more transparent. Also, we will consult you about final improvements and modern regulating strategies.

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