CAD - Services

We put our CAD-Services also directly at our clients disposal.

We're your specialists

  • if you've to manage narrow passes ,

  • if you demand interdisciplinary working ,

  • if you need more than just graphics.

The staff of our CAD department offers you a sovereign and structured completition of drawings in the area of complete electrical engineering.

For a long time we've realized , that planning needs to be supported by optimal and suitable drawing.

Our many years of experience and the dealing with CAD / CAE in the practice guarantee you the elaboration and carrying 
out of the most economic solutions.

We take on the making of your complete documentation.

The cornerstones of our service are:

  • an exact definition of the "points of intersection"

  • the use of economic technologies

  • the most possible customer service

  • internal quality controls

Our services contains :

The making of electrotechnical drawings:

  • concept drawings

  • draft drawings

  • work drawings

For the fields of:

  • industry

  • house building

  • local building and construction industry

  • administrative building and construction industry

assumption of partial planing performances

derivation of schemes from ground plans

making of concepts on the basis of existing plans on paper or tracing paper

digitalizing and vectorizing services

making of drawings with efficient CAD-/CAE-Systemen, like:


  • AutoCAD

We process 44 data extensions , among them:

  • AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)

  • AutoCAD drawing (*.dwg)

  • CorelDRAW (*.cdr)

Coordination and avoidance of collisions with other planners

Our way of working:

  • drawings that fit– through many years of experience in practice

  • short reaction times at your demand

  • completition of the performances according to the schedule

  • flexible readiness to act

  • exact definition of the "points of intersection"

  • support for our partners in technical matters

  • documentation of the activities and keeping of work reports

  • use of methods to guarantee the quality

We guarantee the quality of our performances.

We look forward to hearing from you, soon

We're at your disposal